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Five tips to match your jewellery with your outfit

How often do you start your day by saying that you won’t have anything to wear? Let’s face it: there is no such thing, and yes, it happens to all of us. But what if on those days you opted for a simple outfit and played more with accessories? It’s easier than deciding if you should combine that shirt with a skirt or pants, and cheaper than buying new clothes.

Be bold

If you opt for a simple outfit, without patterns, wearing statement jewelry will refine your look. Whether you opt for a long, gemstone necklace or a pair of chandelier earrings, you will definitely manage to create an impressive look.

You can always try to wear your jewellery in a different, playful way. This article will help you style your outfit like a pro.

Know the occasion

Ensure you’re not wearing an impressive pair of chandelier earrings when you’re at an exam or a job interview. Why?  Because your face will in the center of attention, and it might be too much. You would want the interlocutor to pay attention to what you’re saying, and not be distracted by the brilliance of the gemstones. Therefore, in this case, you can choose a statement bracelet and opt for some studs earrings.

Don't forget that less is more

I know we said you should be bold and play with accessories, but know where to stop. One statement jewellery is enough. And always ask yourself: what’s the focus? Your print animal dress or your earrings? If you’re deciding on wearing prints, please choose simple jewellery.

Also, don’t wear the entire set at once: apply the two pieces rule: earrings + ring/bracelet or necklace + ring/bracelet.

Stay comfortable

Are you having a busy day? Then you have two things to do: either choose small and colorful pieces of jewellery or just get creative and wear your jewellery differently.

Understand there is such thing as 'seasonal jewellery'

Oh yes! During wintertime, don’t be tempted to match chandelier earrings or thin bracelets with knitwear. They might get tangled, and there are high chances you break them.

So, I guess you’ll know what to wear tomorrow. Discover our collections and say goodbye to uncertainties.

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