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Gifting jewellery: from why to what to when

How many pieces of your jewellery were received as a gift? I’d guess all of them. While some of them have been gifted to you by your dear ones, others were just gifts that you made to yourself. Oh yes, we’ve all experienced that moment in our lives when we’ve accomplished something, and we wanted to spoil ourselves. And what more memorable and greater gift than a new piece of jewellery? Gifts of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings are always associated with a special sentiment or relationship. They give us a legacy, helping us remember a unique moment.

A Very Short History of Giving Jewellery as a Gift

Ancient and prehistoric cultures used from the most common organic materials such as shells, feathers, colored pebbles to some that we’d consider a bit weird today like teeth, bones or claws to craft their jewellery. All these creations were symbols of people’s identity, bringing them a sense of belonging.

Throughout history, jewellery has changed a lot in terms of materials and designs, but it stayed the same when it comes to its symbolism.

In early times, people used to wear amulets to protect themselves against bad luck, illness, or death. Back then, people thought that jewellery has magic properties, so they would often gift amulets to their dear ones to bring them wealth, control over fertility, happiness, or safety over long journeys.

Besides the ‘practical side,’ people have always been fascinated by gemstones’ brilliance and the energy of metals. Emperors and empresses, kings and queens used jewellery as a symbol of their power, wearing imposing crowns. King Louis XIV of France is well-known for his impressing jewellery collection.

But you see, jewellery has always meant more than just beauty, and people have always felt the need to share it with others.

Match the right piece of jewellery to the right moment

Rings – a special bond

Rings are usually associated with a particular moment in people’s life. In case of engagement and wedding rings – their form, an unending circle, represents eternal love.

But it’s definitely not a rule to gift or receive rings only when you’re getting married. A ring can also symbolize respect, appreciation, admiration. A gemstone ring can be such a beautiful and unique gift for the special women in your life like your mother, sister, or your best friend. Discover our wide collection of rings, and you’ll be prepared for the upcoming birthdays or anniversaries.

Necklaces – a classic gift

Necklaces are such a versatile gift, representing a right choice for all occasions. But like all the other pieces of jewellery, necklaces as gifts come with emotional value. Is your daughter 18th birthday? What a better gift than a birthstone necklace? We have various gemstone necklaces where you can choose from – different styles, cuts, and colors. Have we made you curious?

Earrings – a stylish gift

Earrings are also a very versatile gift. And not to mention that most women cherish this piece of jewellery so much, often keeping them as a family heirloom. Gemstones earrings are by far women’s favourites. And we’ve prepared so many designs for you. So, go ahead, pick up the most beautiful Christmas gift for your dear ones.

As you can see, a piece of jewellery always represents an extraordinary and memorable gift, no matter the occasion, so remember: jewellery always fits.

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