We are fully aware of the importance of choosing the right style for your jewellery, but we also take into consideration that you may need help in choosing the right size.

When buying a ring, consider its thickness, as you may need a bigger size if the ring has a deeper band width. Also, the best time to get your ring size is the evening, and pay attention to how you feel, as fingers are at least half a size smaller when you are cold.

Here you have a list of sizes and their diameters (in mm).

TJS Ring sizes

Note: All our rings are measured and standardized with a ring size mandrel bar stick. The reading is taken as center with a tolerance of one quarter of a size.

Our Size Diameter (mm) Circumferance (mm) USA/Canada U.K.
Extra Small 15.70 48.7 5 J ½
Small 16.51 51.2 6 M
Medium 17.35 53.8 7 O
Large 18.19 56.3 8 Q
Extra large 18.89 58.9 9 R ½