Our Values & Vision

Our craft is our passion and is something deeply engrained into who we are as human beings and into our day to day life, so it only makes sense that our beliefs and values also be reflected in what we most love to do, beautiful timeless jewellery.

We believe in authenticity, creativity, kindness and respect for the world around us and we know that jewellery can have the ability to manifest and inspire uplifting feelings and emotions. That is why TJS London as a brand and family business is committed to quality and sustainability and that is why we continuously strive to better our processes, from manufacturing to packaging, by implementing sustainable and ethical practices to honour what we do as jewellery makers and the impact that it can have on our clients and on our planet.


Responsible Jewellery Sourcing

We are aware of the impact that the jewellery industry can have on the environment, so first of all we try to reduce our mark by opting for clean sources for our materials. Our jewellery is designed here in UK and is handcrafted by local artisans in our small Jaipur workshop. The materials that we use are also locally sourced from our trusted suppliers. All our gemstones come from sustainable and ethical sources and more than 70% of the silver that we use is recycled sterling silver. Also, we import all our goods in the UK by using green delivery alternatives to reduce our carbon footprint.


A sustainable philosophy centered on a slow fashion principle

We believe that jewellery should bring joy and should be made to last and that’s why we opt for producing in small batches, handcrafting each piece with attention to detail using traditional polishing techniques. For example, opting for hand polishing techniques of the stones and metal on simple electric motors opposed to industrial polishing tumblers that run a long time on high-voltage electricity can reduce the overall energy consumption from the manufacturing process. Also, our way of crafting the jewellery implies a slow and artful process that gives a certain poetic beauty and personal touch to each piece, something that only a skillful and patient craftsman can imprint in their work.


Ethical work practices

TJS London is a family based business and this shows up even in our work practices. We assure safe and good working conditions for our team, above the market living wages and we do not tolerate any child labour or any other unfair practices in our workshop or in our suppliers’ processes. More so, we have implemented a special sponsorship program for the families of our permanent staff to support their children’s educational efforts.


Environmentally Conscious Packaging

We always try to find the best solutions for our packaging with low environmental impact and that’s why our packaging suppliers are based within the UK, maintaining a lower carbon footprint. And all of them are FSC certified, using paper from responsible forestry practices and recycled sources.

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