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How to accessorize a relaxed summer look

During summer, and especially during this summer, we’re all looking to adopt a more natural, relaxed look. So, you’re searching for clothing that lets your skin breathe, and you’re a big fan of relaxed, chic outfits that are perfect for working from home or a lazy day with friends. But we all know that creating an effortless look is not that easy. But worry no more, we’re here to help.

There are two essential rules to follow, for a great summer look:

  • Wear quality, classic items such as cotton T-shirts, oversized linen shirts, lyocell dresses and jumpsuits, etc.
  • And… accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.

If you’re already following the first rule, congrats! You’re on the right track. And now, let’s add the magic ingredients that will make your outfit stand out.

A summer look inspired by a Desert Dream

The Desert Dream collection is a great choice to accessorize a fresh, summer look. The gemstones used in this collection will allow you to observe the endless dance of the sun, sea and sand in the desert, letting yourself be carried away by the beauty of nature. The Quartz stones will balance your energy, while the Amethyst will unveil your spiritual side.

We’ve put together a list of tips on how to use every type of item. But keep in mind: don’t be boring, always let your imagination go wild and have some fun.

Get creative with rings

  1. Wear more than one ring on the fingers of your hand. Wear your favorite white tee, your 90s ripped jeans, and a combination of rings that have different gemstones cuts. A subtle, lovely detail. Combine Desert Sun with Desert Night and Desert Sunrise. Wear them on your thumb, index, and middle fingers of your right/left hand.
  2. Wear the rings on a silver necklace or a bracelet. Imagine wearing a linen shirt dress and the Desert Mirage ring on a long silver necklace.
  3. Bring joy to your favorite Converse pair. Tie your lace through the ring for an urban, contemporary effect.

Chandelier earrings: achieve that effortless elegance

Don’t be afraid of wearing chandelier earrings during the day. Wear a ruffled crop top and a pair of high waisted denim shorts and combine the outfit with Desert Mystery or Desert Sunlight earrings. That would look gorgeous!

Another idea would be to combine the Desert Moonlight earrings with a lovely oversized silk shirt for an impressive look.

Bold combinations with necklaces

The Desert Light Goddess Necklace in Sterling Silver would look absolutely stunning matched with a lyocell dress or with a decollete jumpsuit. But don’t add other accessories. Less is always more. For an urban, modern look, you can wear it as a belt for your jeans. Quite interesting, right?

Shop the summer look

So, remember, accessories are the salt and pepper of a chic, relaxed summer look. Have fun and stay safe!

Desert Sunlight Chandelier Earrings in Sterling Silver

£ 135.00
This smoky quartz stone seems to capture the sunlight throughout the day. The pair of chandelier earrings can be matched

Leaf and a Twig Ring in Sterling Silver, minimal oxidised

£ 18.00
Leaf and a twig ring in sterling silver with a minimal oxidised.

Desert Mirage Amethyst Ring in Sterling Silver

£ 85.00
Be seduced by the mirage of dessert by wearing this amethyst stone ring. The light that falls through the stone

Desert Sunrise Quartz Ring in Sterling Silver

£ 85.00
This quartz stone mirrors the awakening to life and brings you that peace associated with the moment when the sun

Desert Moonlight Chandelier Earrings in Sterling Silver

£ 145.00
This pair of chandelier earrings illustrates the beauty of the night – the amethyst stone can be associated with the

Desert Sand Quartz Ring in Sterling Silver

£ 75.00
You can see the sand’s movements under the sun’s rays in this beautiful round quartz stone. Each cut appears to

Desert Light Goddess Necklace in Sterling Silver

£ 250.00
This long necklace combines silver with quartz and amethyst stones of various shapes and colors. The desert nightlight and daylight

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